How To Install Sublime Text 3 on Fedora

Here’s a simple script to install the latest stable build of Sublime Text 3 in Fedora 22 Workstation.
Should work on other Linux distros too. See the full gist on GitHub.

It will install the Package Control as well!

Just run this command:

$ curl -L | sh
  • Update (10 March 2014): I made some improvements to the script so I generated a new link.
  • Update (16 March 2014): The script stopped working because GitHub is now doing a redirect to another domain (see their post if you’re interested). Added the -L flag to fix the issue.
  • Update (1 September 2014): I’ve updated the script to install the latest build and made a new blog post, check it out.
  • Update (12 July 2015): Updated the script again to work with the latest version of Fedora.

Last update: